Sometimes I forget who I am and what matters most in determining who I am

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Having felt quite frequently that I have lost sight of myself and mulling over conversations on that subject, I have begun the arduous task of clearing the debris from my path once more. That solid foundation of who I am is still there beneath my feet. In fact, I have been standing on it all this time! That’s the thing about solid foundations…they are built to last and they support us even when we forget their existence.

My story is one that will continue to be told here

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Are you scared of what people will think? Well guess what, their judgements were made the first time they saw you, talked to you, or even heard a rumor about you. Who cares what people think?! I don’t anymore and you shouldn’t either. That’s why I’m here now writing this. Being me. Laying it all out there.

[Experiences and stories] shaped who we are or the path we eventually chose to take

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[Yet these experiences and stories] most often do not find their way into our resume. quoted in

I just wanted everything to stop

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The mind is such an incredible thing. Take our dreams for example. Think about how elaborate they are and how detailed they can be; the way we dream seems as if our dreams are episodes that lasted an entire day. In reality, the dreams we have are bursts of ideas and thoughts that seem to be so long. But no. In actuality, most dreams only last for a few seconds.