Hope & Change — Here, There & Everywhere

I set up this site for a friend who decided not to use it after all. A quality site is a terrible thing to waste, so now I’ve decided to start using it in a somewhat new & different way.

Narratives are an interesting phenomenon. But rather than giving a long explanation for my ideas about them right now, I would rather just point out that I want to simply post about something I’ve written on some old (and perhaps somewhat challenged) platforms… which just so happens to do with news narratives in a general way.

Four years ago, Donald J. Trump sort of upset the so-called “news” media. Now, the news media have sort of upset Donald J. Trump. In my humble opinion, this is not a coincidence. I think most voters in the United States and also people worldwide recognise that Joe Biden is not exactly the brightest bulb on the market. And so to denounce this media wizard for his media hacking with such an insignificant challenger is a very hard blow to the ego of one of the world’s greatest (and most well-known) narcissists.

The so-called mainstream media is sending a clear signal: If you mess with our credibility, we are going to pulverize you. Any takers?

<crickets> ….

cover image via http://www.teclasap.com.br/mainstream

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