Sometimes I forget who I am and what matters most in determining who I am

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Having felt quite frequently that I have lost sight of myself and mulling over conversations on that subject, I have begun the arduous task of clearing the debris from my path once more. That solid foundation of who I am is still there beneath my feet. In fact, I have been standing on it all this time! That’s the thing about solid foundations…they are built to last and they support us even when we forget their existence.

[Experiences and stories] shaped who we are or the path we eventually chose to take

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[Yet these experiences and stories] most often do not find their way into our resume. quoted in

After learning about the subtleties of what makes a good narrative it allowed me to think more about my idea and understand the many different ways I can apply the theorists blueprint to my own work

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It was important for me to understand how I can project my ideas onto a canvas that is accessible and understood by others, rather than adding unnecessary confusion for the audience.